webMethods 8.2 CAF UI and Portlet Development

Short description

This course is a workshop on developing web user interfaces with webMethods Composite Application Framework (CAF), as stand-alone web pages or portlets running in the My webMethods Server. Students will learn to use controls from the control library and to integrate them with data coming from e.g. Web Services or BPM tasks. Advanced chapters will cover input validation, collaboration, security and internationalization. Specific topics as navigation, customization and administration are handled in separate sections for stand-alone web applications and Portal deployment.



Understanding of internet applications, HTML and Java Script

Java programming skills



·         webMethods Composite Application Framework Overview and Concepts

·         Using Software AG Designer

·         Creating projects, views and portlets

·         Using simple and complex controls (including AJAX)

·         Data Binding and Managed Beans

·         Actions and Data Flows

·         Input validation

·         Error handling

·         Internationalization

·         Navigation in stand-alone Web applications

·         Workspaces

·         Inter-portlet communication (linking, wiring, workspace context)

·         Portal Administration & Permissions Management

·         Collaborations (events, notifications, subscriptions)

·         Portal Personalization (skins, shells, rules)